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About the Sydney Chinese Artists Association:

The Sydney Chinese Artists Association is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization. It is officially registered with the Australian government. It is composed of Australian Chinese artists who are enthusiastic about Chinese culture. The philosophy of the association is to attract social elites to work together to carry forward the brilliant Chinese culture and to promote the culture exchange of Chinese and Western.


This association carries the historical mission of promoting Chinese culture and art overseas. Every member should continuously improve their own artistic accomplishment, respect each other, to be equal and to help each other. All members should take the responsibility to help the promotion of Chinese culture and to promote the cultural exchanges between China and the West, eventually to achieve a goal of building a pure cultural and artistic atmosphere together.


The association has its own website, WeChat platform, and audio and video studio. In the future, it will organize art activities from time to time, support member’s for their art performances, and provide active help in the promotion of art activities, lighting and sound, stage design, online and offline programs sharing.


Currently the association contains 2 art performing teams, 1 program planning and director team and 1 program production team. It can plan, produce different kinds of indoor and outdoor gala shows, concerts, documentaries, feature films, interviews , MTVs, etc.

Our newly built Keying Studio is capable of recording an array of programs, including interviews, music videos, dance routines for up to 6 people and live productions.


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